Our approach to your construction project

The engineers and surveyors of surveying engineering office Braem International Survey nv aim at achieving optimal size control for clients in construction and industry.

For the past forty-five years we have been operating both at home and abroad. We have accumulated specialist knowledge and expertise across thousands of large and small-scale construction projects. We would like to place this experience in the service of your project. It gives us great pleasure that your satisfaction drives you to contact us again for a next project.

We are specialists.

As engineer, surveyor-expert and land surveyor we limit ourselves to what we've perfected: measurements, setting out, schedules of condition and estimates. This gives you three advantages:

Prevent failure costs – Our services pay for themselves. Decent work preparation, correct measurements and a construction set out contribute to a flawless construction project.

Technology expertise – ;All of our staff are trained and experienced in their field. We have the most modern measuring equipment and software to quickly and accurately perform your projects.

Knowledge of the terrain – Of course we know the Benelux's building industry like the back of our hands. We always have a land survey team nearby. Thanks to our many years of experience we can immediately give an accurate estimate of the environmental factors that will influence your project.

We are team players.

Partnership – We are not the only construction specialist active on the site. That is why we always work as a partner and fully bear the needs and planning of other specialists in mind: contractors, subcontractors, engineering offices, architects, ... Lean planning is for us a given.

Just-in-time availability – You need surveying at different times in the construction process. Waiting for an available surveyor every time you need one takes up too much time - and too much money. Therefore, we like to study your file in advance and are permanently available 'on-call'. This way no time is wasted.

Long-term relationship – Land surveying is a service that demands trust – we understand that. That's why we always strive for a long-term relationship. This way you can get well acquainted with the way we work and we can adapt smoothly to your needs. That delivers the best results.

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