Specialist in reliable surveying, accurate dimensioning, and efficient setting out

Surveying engineering office Braem International Survey nv is your partner for optimal size control in all stages of your construction project. We work closely with contractors, architects and property developers to correctly and timely realize your building project.

At Braem International Survey, we support our clients from the building sector in achieving optimal size control for all construction projects. Through accurate surveying, we provide precise, reliable and user-friendly results for all partners in the building process, while keeping costs at a minimum.

We draw up survey plans that can be set out on demand by experienced surveyors, under safe working conditions. All activities are thoroughly prepared, and results are clearly communicated to the client-user. Getting a building project right from the very start can prevent further costs for contractors. Sustainability is key in all our services.

With over 55 years of experience across thousands of large and small-scale projects, we are the right engineer and surveyor for your project.

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Setting out of the construction site

At the commencement of and during a construction project we mark the important points and axes of the construction site. We ensure the building is properly set out and that you always have the axes and height levels when and where you need them. That way you avoid expensive mistakes and you will lose no production time. The contractor can build on our setting out, delivered 'on call'.

Schedules of condition

As a contractor or builder you would like to capture the situation before and after the construction work with a view to disputes later on. Our surveyor-expert drafts a jointly agreed schedule of condition. As a landlord or tenant you are required to have a schedule of condition drawn up so you can register it together with the lease.